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It’s cold and flu season here at the Lync Server PowerShell blog. In the middle of fever, aches, sore throat, cough, and all that unpleasantness, we did still manage to get several new articles and scripts out in the past week or so. (With a little help from some people who don’t have the flu right now.) What we didn’t manage to do was tell you about them.


Well, okay, we did manage one or two Twitter announcements. But anyone who Tweets knows you can pretty much do that from a comatose state. As a matter of fact, a little bit of delirium can actually be helpful.


So, in case you’ve also been suffering during this cold and flu season, here’s what you may have missed last week:



Two new scripts from Nick Smith and Scott Stubberfield. (Okay, one script, but one version for direct connections and one for remote connections.) These scripts do exactly what the titles say, they list the users and client endpoint versions connected to a Registrar pool.


List the Users and Client Endpoint Versions Connected to a Registrar Pool: Direct Connection

List the Users and Client Endpoint Versions Connected to a Registrar Pool: Remote Connection


Snippets from the Shell

A new Snippets from the Shell article from Christopher Wallick on private lines.


The 411 on Private Lines


Regular Features

We’ve also managed to continue with your regular favorites. Well, our regular favorites. Or just our regular, well, regulars.


Haiku of the Day (and the Haiku of the Day Archive in case you did miss one or two)

One of These is Not Like the Others Weekly Challenge



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