One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 8: Answer

One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 8


Before we take a look at the answer to last week's Challenge, we wanted to say thanks to Johann D. for inviting us to visit Berlin, the beautiful capital city of Germany. That invitation comes just a week after we were invited to visit the historic city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Of course, we were concerned about having to miss that much work, but when we asked our managers about that they said, "You want to leave the country? Really? By all means, please do. And take as much time as you want before coming back. In fact, don't even worry in the least about coming back!"


Microsoft treats us so nice.


But as much as we'd like to hop on a plane and head to Europe (actually, based on the amount of rain we've had in the past 3 days, we'd like to hop on a plane and head to just about anywhere) first things first: we have to present the answer to last week's Challenge. As you no doubt recall (because we assume everyone has all the Challenges memorized by now) we presented you with the following list of four Lync Server Windows PowerShell cmdlets and asked if you could tell us which cmdlet was not like the others:







The answer most people came up with (and, for that matter, the answer we came up with) was New-CsClientVersionPolicy. Why? Well, all four cmdlets are used to create policies. All four cmdlets can also create those policies at the following scopes: global; site; per-user. However, only New-CsClientVersionPolicy can create policies at the fourth scope: the service scope. As a result, the answer has to be New-CsClientVersionPolicy.


Well, unless the answer is New-CsLocationPolicy. In support of that argument, Matt S. (and others) quoted directly from the Lync Server PowerShell help:


IMPORTANT: The location policy behaves differently from other policies in Lync Server 2010 in terms of order of scope. For all other policies, if a policy is defined at the per-user scope, the policy is applied to any user granted that policy. If the user has not been granted a per-user policy, the site policy is applied. If there is no site policy, the global policy is applied. Location policies are applied in the same way, with one exception: a per-user location policy can also be assigned to a network site.


Were we aware of that before we issued last week's Challenge? Well, we probably should have been. But hey, that information is in the help file, and who reads help files nowadays?!?


There were also a couple of votes for New-CsExternalAccessPolicy. As Tom A. noted, this cmdlet "… only has an impact when you deploy the Edge server. All the other cmdlets can apply to any deployment, even single server Standard Edition." Were we aware of that before we posted last week's Challenge? Do you even need to ask?


Sigh ….


Note. On the bright side, no one selected New-CsConferencingPolicy, which meant we somehow managed to avoid issuing a Challenge in which every single answer was also the correct answer. Hurray for us!


As usual, we thank everyone for participating, and we thank everyone for inviting us to visit them. (Of course, now that we think about it, no one has actually given us their address. But how hard could it be to find someone in Prague or Berlin?) We're going to go call our travel agent and see how much tickets to Europe are these days. In the meantime, we have yet another weekly Challenge for you. Enjoy!



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