One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 7: Answer

No doubt you've heard the expression that "great minds think alike." If that's true – and we're not saying that it is, mind you – then that doesn't bode well for the authors of the Lync Server PowerShell blog.


Why do we say that? Well, last week  we showed you the following four Lync Server PowerShell cmdlets and asked you to tell us which of the four cmdlets was not like the others:







Every single person who submitted an entry for this challenge came up with the same answer: Get-CsTopology. Why? Well, as Thomas L. (among many others) pointed out, Get-CsTopology is the only one of the four cmdlets that can output data in XML format. We have to admit, we hadn't even thought about that, as obvious as that might be. (We're hoping to find a saying somewhere that states that "Great minds always overlook the obvious.") Other competitors chimed in with additional support for Get-CsTopology as being the outlier. Matt S. noted that Get-CsTopology does not support the Filter parameter, while Johann D. and Tom A. both pointed out that Get-CsTopology does not have an Identity parameter. And yes, we wished we would have noticed that a long time ago: because over 99 percent of all the Lync Server PowerShell cmdlets have an Identity parameter that would have been a great question.


And then there's Makovec, who even pointed out that the "… word pool is mentioned 38x in help for Get-CsPool, 7x for Get-CsSite, 40x for Get-CsService and 0x for the winner (strange that winner is someone with zero voices)." Were we aware of that? Uh, sure, sure we were ….


Note. By the way, Makovec, thanks for the invitation to visit you in Prague. You doing anything tomorrow night? We should be there by dinner time.


At any rate, the wisdom of the crowd has spoken: Get-CsTopology is the one cmdlet that is not like the others. Is that the answer that we originally had in mind? Of course it is: great minds think alike, don't they?


Well, actually, no; we were originally going to go with Get-CsSite. Why? Because it's the only one of the four cmdlets that has a corresponding Set cmdlet: Set-CsSite. There's no Set-CsPool, no Set-CsService, and no Set-CsTopology. Therefore, we were going to go with Get-CsSite.


But we think we might change our minds now. We sort of like Get-CsTopology better.


By the way, if you're one of those great minds out there, we have another challenge ready for you. This one's a little tricky, so we're very interested to see what people come up with this time around. Enjoy!


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