Planning Tool for Lync Server 2010 Now Available

The Planning Tool for Lync Server
you a series of in-depth questions about your deployment and then provides
prescriptive guidance to help you plan and deploy Lync Server 2010.

Author: Stephanie Pierce

Publication date: February 2011

Product version: Lync Server 2010

The final release of the Planning Tool
for Lync Server 2010 is now available for download! The tool provides
prescriptive guidance to help you plan and deploy Lync Server 2010. With all
the functionality that Lync Server 2010 has to offer, it can be challenging to determine
which server roles you need to deploy, what ports to set, what certificates you
need, your firewall settings and DNS settings, and planning for mediation
servers and gateways with existing voice infrastructure. The Planning Tool
helps simplify the process for you by asking you a series of questions about
features that interest you, as well as capacity planning for each of your
central and branch sites. Based on your answers to the questions, the tool provides
the following:

  • Recommended topologies for your central
    and branch sites
  • Recommended hardware configuration
  • Port information for each server role
  • Edge network diagram for External user
  • DNS, firewall, and certificate reports
  • Documentation to successfully plan and
    deploy Lync Server 2010
  • Export of topologies to Visio
  • Export of site, hardware, and port
    information to Microsoft Excel
  • Export your topology to Topology Builder,
    for a faster, easier setup experience

For those of you familiar with the
Planning Tool for Office Communications Server 2007 and Office Communications
Server 2007 R2, we listened to your feedback and added a lot of new
functionality for this release. This includes:

  • Support for
    virtualized server roles for your topology
  • More granular
    capacity guidance
  • Support for
    branch sites
  • Display of site
    information, such as number of users and number of enabled users for
    various modalities on your topology page
  • Invitation to
    participate in the Customer Experience Program
  • Integration of
    the Edge Planning Tool into the Planning Tool, providing you with an edge
    network diagram, and reports for DNS, firewall, and certificates
  • Support for
    exporting your topology file to Topology Builder for a faster, easier Lync
    Server setup experience
  • New improved
    Visio diagrams, including concurrent PSTN calls connecting through the
    central sites
  • More supported
    topologies for Enterprise Voice and dial-in conferencing
  • Improved
    navigation experience
  • Better
    accommodation for different screen resolutions

out the Planning Tool for Lync Server 2010 today. We love to hear from you, so
please keep sending your feedback our way.


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  1. I wish the tool would have the logic for split DNS as well says:

    Many companies have an internal domain like COMPANY.LAN and their external (and SIP) domain is DOMAIN.COM. This tool does not account for that. Still very good indeed but I wish the question was there.

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