Questions and Answers from TechReady 11

Not long ago, the two authors of this article conducted an instructor-led lab at the TechReady Conference held in Seattle. Unless, of course, we didn’t. As we noted at the time, everything that happens at TechReady is considered hush-hush, even though everything we talked about during our session is publicly-available right here on this blog site.


Well, assuming that we even had a session, that is.


As a general rule, we like getting the chance to get out and do talks or lead labs, and for three reasons:


·         It’s way better than working.

·         If we time everything right we can wrangle a free lunch out of the deal.

·         We get a chance to hear questions about Microsoft Lync Server 2010 (for a brief time known as Communications Server “14”, with previous versions known as Office Communications Server) from people who actually use it on a daily basis.


During TechReady (which we may or may not have attended) we may (or may not) have been asked a number of questions by people who might (or might not have) attended our lab. We promised (or perhaps didn’t promise) those people that we would post answers to the questions that they may or may not have asked us. With that in mind, here's the first batch of questions that might (or might not) have been asked at TechReady (which we may or may not have attended), along with links to the answers we came up with:


·         Can I return contact objects that have a SIP address?

·         When do I have to put double quotes around parameter values?

·         What happens if you are enabling a user for Lync Server, and you make a typo when entering the SIP domain?

·         If I run Disable-CsUser against a user who only has a SIP address will that delete the SIP address?

·         Why are display names allowed as user identities? After all, display names do not have to be unique in a forest.

·         Suppose I have a policy at the site scope, but it only uses one setting. Are the unused settings applied from the global scope?

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