Specifying the SQL Instance when Creating an Enterprise Pool

Author: Mitch Duncan

Publication date: November 2009

Product version: Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Enterprise Edition

When running Office Communications Server Setup to create an Enterprise pool, the Create Enterprise Pool Wizard requires a SQL Server instance as shown in Figure 1. This is a database instance that the Enterprise pool uses as its back-end server. After the SQL Server instance field, the wizard provides an example that can be confusing. The reason is that unless you plan to reuse an existing instance, most installations are new installations. The language in the wizard might make you think that you need to specify a database instance name that is to be created or that you have to create the instance yourself.

Figure 1. Create Enterprise Pool Wizard

To avoid undue frustration, you have to specify only the server name of the server that is running SQL Server that you want to use as the Enterprise pool's back-end server. For example, if the NETBIOS name of the back-end server running SQL Server is BE, specify only BE in the SQL Server instance field. Sometimes things are simpler than we think.

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