Installing Communicator Mobile (COMO) on Windows Mobile 6.0 /6.1

Author: Manjeet Garg

Publication date: June 2009

Product version: Office Communications Server 2007 R2

You Can Download Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile 2007 R2 from the following Link - (CommunicatorMobile.PPC.msi) or (CommunicatorMobile.SP.msi Form Link)

As per the Article (Installing Communicator Mobile for Windows Mobile from a Storage Card Link you need to have a .CAB file, by default only .MSI is downloadable from the Microsoft Website.

You can install the Communicator Client via ActiveSync Installing Communicator Mobile Using ActiveSync 4.5 Ref Link You can use CommunicatorMobile.MSI file to install CommunicatorMobile on the Windows Mobile.

However if you would Try to install ActiveSync on the Vista Machine you will getting following error:

The only option you are left with is to install the CommunicatorMobile via Cab file. Since there is no direct .cab download for CommunicatorMobile following is the workaround.


  1. Create a Folder name COMO on the C:\ Drive
  2. Download .MSI in the COMO Folder.
  3. Open Command Prompt, and Change folder to C:\Como.
  4. Run the Following Command.
     msiexec /a CommunicatorMobile.msi
  5. It will Open Following Wizard..


Choose Next Twice and Click Finish.

Go to Path (C:\COMO\COMO\BuiltIn\Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile\Setup), you will find .cab file. Now Browse the Location on you Mobile and install the CommunicatorMobile on Windows Mobile Device.
While Installing you may encounter following Error. Ref Screen Shot (Installation of was unsuccessful. The installation file is not intended for the device)



From the Microsoft Web Site we can download two .MSI file for Communicator Mobile

  1. CommunicatorMobile.SP.msi
  2. CommunicatorMobile.PPC.msi

CommunicatorMobile.SP.msi: To install Communicator Mobile on Smart Phone

CommunicatorMobile.PPC.msi: To install Communicator Mobile on Pocket PC

We are getting this error because we are using .MSI file intended for Smart Phone on Pocket PC or vice versa.

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