OCS 2007 installation with SQL 2005 SP3

There has been a change in SQL 2005 SP3 that can impact the installation of OCS 2007. This does not impact OCS 2007 R2.


Publication date: February 2009

Product version: Office Communications Server 2007 R2

SQL 2005 SP3 has an update that changes a return code that the OCS 2007 install was not designed to handle. If you are having to install a new OCS 2007 pool and are using SQL 2005 SP3 here are two possible work around to complete the install.

  1. Install EE pool from a server that has SQL 2005 Sp2 client tool on a different server altogether
  2. Uninstall SQL 2005 SP3 Backward compatibility and then install SQL 2005 SP2 BC(SQLServer2005_BC.msi on SQL 2005 Sp3 EE server.

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    OCS 2007 installation with SQL 2005 SP3
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