Helper Button for Phone Number Normalization

Author: Rob Pittfield

Publication date: January 2008

Product version: Office Communications Server 2007 R2

The first thing I do when I’m talking to customers is tell them about the Helper button on the Normalization rule creation screen as shown below:


It takes you here:

There are enough sample rules on that page to get through 99% of the questions I’ve been asked about creating the Phone patterns (numbers you expect the client to dial) and Translation patterns (what you want to change the number to be).

Once you have the Phone pattern and Translation pattern set, try typing in the number you expect users to dial into the Sample dialed number to see if it translates in an expected manner.  The Translated number should hopefully show the number the way you expect it to come out.

The steps above along with the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Enterprise Voice Planning and Deployment guide , the Enterprise Voice Route Helper tool (part of the OCS 2007 Resource Kit),  and the Enterprise Voice Route Helper User’s Guide have given me all the answers I’ve needed to get to customers up and going with creating Normalization rules.

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