High Glitch rate in QoE Report

If your organization uses Lync Monitoring Reports, CQM you may occasionally see high glitch rate in one or more calls. Both reports typically show you calls with very high glitch rate. In-order to resolve the issue, we first need to understand what a glitch really is. A glitch is defined as a short-lived fault in…


Help! My Director is consuming all my resources!

Author: DJ Ball, Senior Escalation Engineer, Skype for Business Recently I worked on a couple of cases where the administrators were reporting higher than average CPU consumption on their Director pool servers. They reported seeing sustained 80 to 90% CPU consumption during peak business hours. This was most noticeable around the top of each hour….


Understanding the relationships between UCMA Trusted Application objects

Author: Zack Campbell, Service Engineer, Microsoft Skype for Business Online Services I was recently engaged by the owner of multiple high-visibility and business-critical UCMA Trusted Applications, requesting my assistance to replace the Trusted App Computers associated to a large list of Endpoints. I didn’t know the full backstory, but apparently their servers were VMs, hosted…


EVENT ID 56208 – Resolving Issues with CDR Throttling

In my previous blog post, I had explained what causes EVENT ID 56208 and had alluded changing the threshold as a work-around. Here is a work-around to resolve identify the issue further, and apply a work-around. Running a simple SQL query mentioned below will be able to be provide a list of top 10 MS-Diagnostic…


Skype for Business Server Address Book Normalization Rules–Failing Normalization

Recently I was working on a Service Request, where the address book normalization was not able to normalize simple 10 Digit numbers. I tried about half a dozen normalization rules, trying to make sure that the pattern would capture the phone numbers, but kept failing continuously. As I was reading Ken’s Blog ( See: http://ucken.blogspot.com/2015/05/skype4b-address-book-normalization.html…


.net Framework 4.7 and Skype for Business (&Lync) Server

With the release of .net Framework 4.7, the Skype for Business/Lync Team would like to remind everyone that we generally follow the Exchange teams’ guidance when it comes to .net Framework releases…so please check their guidance here, which at this time is please DO NOT install .net Framework 4.7 on any Skype for Business or Lync…


Simplified Port Requirements for Skype for Business Online

Hi all, Please visit our Techcommunity to read Thomas Binder’s new blog on Simplified port requirements for Skype for Business Online!   Thanks, Kris Korff, Sr. Supportability Program Manager, Skype for Business


Retirement of the Lync Connectivity Analyzer Tool

As some of you may have noticed, the Lync Connectivity Analyzer tool has been retired and is no longer available for public download.  We are interested in hearing how you used the tool, and what we could provide in the form of a tool that would better assist you in troubleshooting connectivity or sign-in issues….


Lync Backup Service – EVENT ID 4060 – The server principal "CONTOSO\skype-pool1-FE2$" is not able to access the database "msdb" under the current security context.

Recently, I was working on a case with pool-pairing with a unique twist. The import status for Conferencing Module was working, but for User Module was failing . Upon looking further, I noticed EVENT ID 4060 with the following text Log Name: Lync Server Source: LS Backup Service Date: 5/16/2017 11:25:48 AM Event ID: 4060…