Liberate the Data Part II – Perspectives from Eclipsys and Microsoft

It was just about a year ago at last year’s HIMSS that I posted about the need to “liberate the data” within health IT systems – separating data from applications and making it available for reuse in different contexts.  What I said then holds true now.  For health enterprises and consumers, health data is a…


Change Agents at Work; Catalysts to Improve Our Health System

There are days that I love my job (not every day yet), and last week I had one of those special days.  I participated in the Forum for Sustainable Health, an event hosted by Arizona State University’s Biodesign Insitute with a bunch of incredibly smart people — all change agents in their respective areas — talking…


Interesting week of interactions

It has been an interesting week for me, participating in three different events in the last seven days.  With HIMSS at the beginning of the April — it has been a real opportunity to get a snapshot of what folks are thinking, planning and worrying about in these hyper-active times of HiTech and health reform….


History Doesn’t Have to Repeat Itself

(cross-posted on Microsoft on the Issues)   My family and I just got back from a vacation in Mexico, so the news that’s on everyone’s mind—the spread of H1N1 Influenza A—is weighing even more heavily on me.  With the media hype machine driving minute by minute coverage, it’s hard not to think about devastating epidemics and…


The Truth About Health IT Standards – There’s No Good Reason to Delay Data Liquidity and Information Sharing

David C. Kibbe and Peter Neupert Now that the Obama administration and Congress have committed to spending billions of tax payers’ money on health IT as part of the economic stimulus package,  it’s important to be clear about what consumers and patients ought to expect in return—better decision-making by doctors and patients.  The thing is,…


Message to Washington — It’s all about Outcomes

Yesterday, I testified before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, otherwise known as HELP.  You can see a video of my testimony here.   Before getting to the substance, I need to highlight how I continue to be awe-inspired about how our government works — in a positive way.   Any body can walk into…


Before you finalize your Health IT shopping list

The mad dash for health reform continues in earnest as stakeholders from all parts of the health ecosystem work to inform, engage and encourage the incoming Administration.   The need for reform is obvious and the dialog is positive — I continue to worry that ‘soundbite solutions’ will get in the way of a serious discussion…