“Partnering for Cures” to Advance Personalized Medicine

I think we all would agree that finding cures and improved treatments options for cancer are a moral imperative. They will have a dramatic impact not only for those fighting the disease, but also for the families, friends, healthcare providers, and other caretakers that support them in their battle.   Personalized molecular medicine provides a…


Transforming Healthcare Delivery

So…life’s been really busy – which has meant a hiatus from the blog. Moving forward, I’m committed to making this more of a priority and looking forward to writing about a range of health-related topics – not just US healthcare reform. A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend some time in the…


Our Connected Health Conference – a View of the Future Grounded in Some Really Exciting Reality

We’re just wrapping up our third annual Connected Health Conference, held in downtown Bellevue, WA. It’s where we get together with a few hundred customers, partners, thought leaders from the industry, policy makers — and talk about the healthcare industry and the kind of positive change and innovation that’s happening.  I like to think of…


Stop Demanding Too Little of the Health Care Industry

For my latest thoughts on the business of health care, particularly the existing health care delivery system and payment framework, please see my contribution to the Harvard Business Review Conversation Starter blog.


The First Mile on the Marathon of Reform

Last June, I became a regular contributor to The Washington Post’s “Health Care Rx” blog, which provided space for me and other experts from across the industry to comment on the current state of the health system and offer real-world insights into how to improve health care. Now, given the recent passage of health reform…


The Ups and Downs of Managing my Own Health

I learned about the importance of diet and health very early in life as my Dad had his first heart attack when I was 12, and subsequently, my Mom made dramatic changes to our 1960’s diet at home.  Since my college years, I’ve always been a bit of a health nut — careful with my diet and…


Going Beyond Insurance Reform

  This week’s question for the Washington Post Health Care Rx blog was:   Last week, President Obama admonished insurance company executives for excessive rate increases. He is taking aim at them again in his speech in Philadelphia right now. How much of our problem rests with insurance companies and how much is the result…


Liberate the Data Part II – Perspectives from Eclipsys and Microsoft

It was just about a year ago at last year’s HIMSS that I posted about the need to “liberate the data” within health IT systems – separating data from applications and making it available for reuse in different contexts.  What I said then holds true now.  For health enterprises and consumers, health data is a…


Health Care Reform is About Improving System Performance

I was asked to contribute to the sequel to the award-winning book, Paper Kills.  The New Edition (released just last week)  is called Paper Kills 2.0, How Health IT Can Help Save Your Life And Your Money.  In the Book, Newt Gingrich, Tom Daschle, and other national industry leaders explore the leading information technologies that…


A Milestone on Many Levels: Publishing a Joint Op-Ed with Google

Over a year ago, a dialogue started about the rules surrounding ‘meaningful use’ – and with anything like this, there are always lots of voices, lots of opinions.  Given our history, we were in the ‘faction’ of folks focusing on ensuring that consumers were at the center of this discussion – and along with us…