Health Reform — Fixing the Core Problem or Just Symptoms?

The health reform debate has passed another milestone, but the question I keep getting asked by friends and family is whether the proposed legislation will actually improve our health delivery system.  I want to be optimistic, but I’m skeptical that the kind of comprehensive change we need to truly reform the system will happen.   As…


The Top Ten Medical Advances of the Decade. What’s Wrong with the Picture?

Sometimes it’s fun to peruse year-end lists—best shows, best moments, best  songs, best presidential gaffes, best viral videos, and the list goes on….  which gets even longer with the end of decade or the century.      In this spirit, ABC News just ran a story about the ‘top ten’ medical advances of the decade, which…


The right solution for the ‘population’ may be the wrong solution for the ‘individual’

This week’s question for the Washington Post Health Care Rx blog was:   What does the debate over mammography screening teach us about the challenges in moving to evidence-based medicine in a revamped health system?   The debate truly highlights how much work is yet to be done to build a health-delivery system that generates…


Reform Health Care by Re-empowering Consumers

For my latest thoughts on consumer engagement and its relation to health care reform, please see my contribution to the Harvard Business Review Conversation Starter blog.


The Six Billion Pound Challenge — How a Focus on Driving Outcomes can Improve Health Faster and Better than Legislation

I commend the administration for shining the light on the need to improve health in America!  While I want to be optimistic about change, I’m skeptical about how much real improvement we will really see under the guise of healthcare reform.  Like I’ve noted before, the national conversation we are having — which bill will…


New delivery models will solve the cost crisis

This week’s question for the Washington Post Health Care Rx blog was: Has Congress done enough to constrain long-term, health care spending growth? What cost containment strategies would you advocate pursuing? My response, New delivery models will solve the cost crisis, below: I was again reminded at last week’s Partner’s Connected Health Conference about how much potential…


Learning from Singapore and Switzerland

So this week’s question from the Washington Post RX Blog was: Which country has the best health-care system and why? Can the U.S. follow its model? My response — Learning from Singapore, Switzerland — is below. To realize the goals of providing increased access while maintaining fiscal responsibility, we have to dramatically change how we…


Personal Accountability

So this week’s question from the Washington Post RX Blog was:The Senate Finance Committee passed a bill containing its version of the health-care overhaul. Are you satisfied with this bill? What does it miss?My response is below.   There’s a long road ahead for health-care reform — five bills to be merged and countless hours…


Reflecting on the healthcare system while waiting at the hospital for a loved one

Often when we talk about healthcare reform, it can be a rather abstract discussion — you watch some tv show with ‘experts’ reflecting on some 20 page bill or hashing through the merits of a public insurance option.  Last week, however, all the intellectual and abstract ideas were brought into something very personal for me and…


Empowering Consumers

So this week’s question from the Washington Post RX Blog was:   In the Baucus bill, insurers would pay a tax on the value above $8,000 for an individual policy and $21,000 for a family plan. What do you think of Sen. Baucus’ proposal to impose a 35 percent tax on “Cadillac” health insurance plans?…