New Networking-related articles for the week of April 17 – April 23

I have three new networking-related articles to report this week: 2489177 You cannot access a drive that is mapped to a WebDAV share on a web server that uses only certificate authentication after the connection is idle for some time in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2 2497787 The Remote Desktop Gateway service… Read more

New Networking-related articles for the week of September 5 – September 11

Hi everyone – below are the most recently published networking-related articles: 2253198 Remote Desktop Gateway Installation And Public Configuration 2253032 DirectAccess Installation and Configuration 2253119 NLB migration questions and answers 2161341 Active Route removed on Windows Server Failover Cluster – Mike Platts… Read more

Using the Remote Desktop Services BPA to analyze a Remote Desktop Gateway implementation

What is the Remote Desktop Services Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) tool? The tool was designed to help in determining configuration and operational problems in Remote Desktop Services. Will the BPA tool assist in Remote Desktop Gateway configurations? Yes. The BPA tool will assist in many Remote Desktop Services configuration issues. This article will only be… Read more

Remote Desktop Gateway and Active Directory User Profiles

Hello All! It’s Brett Crane from the Networking teams here at Microsoft. I want to take just a moment to talk about Remote Desktop Gateway (previously called Terminal Services Gateway prior to the release of 2008 R2) and utilization of the “Log on to…” option within an Active Directory Users Account information (See example 1.1… Read more

Remote Desktop Gateway client fails authentication with “Your user account is not authorized to access the RD Gateway”

Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway), formerly Terminal Services Gateway (TS Gateway), is a role service in the Remote Desktop Services server role included with Windows Server® 2008 R2 that enables authorized remote users to connect to resources on an internal corporate or private network, from any Internet-connected device that can run the Remote Desktop Connection… Read more

New Networking-related KB articles for the week of November 8 – November 14

Here are the latest networking-related Knowledge Base articles to report this week. Next week, there will be no update due to the upcoming holiday. I will publish an update the week after next that will encompass anything published between now and then. If you get to have a holiday next week, I hope you enjoy… Read more