Network Location Awareness (NLA) and how it relates to Windows Firewall Profiles

I am writing this blog post because we get a lot of questions regarding how NLA determines a network profile and how it relates to Firewall Profiles as the two are often confused. What is NLA? First let’s start with what NLA does. For each network interface the PC is connected to, NLA aggregates the… Read more

New Networking-related KB articles since May 8

I’d like to apologize for not having any new KB articles to post for the past several weeks; some changes have been going on with the tools I use to find this information. Here are the most recent networking-related KB articles since my last entry on May 13th. I apologize in advance for any duplicates:… Read more

Why is my network detected as “unknown” by Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008?

A question that has come up from time to time is how and why Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 detect a network as “unknown”. I hope the following explanation is helpful. Network Location Awareness or NLA is the service that determines what kind of connectivity you have on a Windows Vista or Windows Server… Read more