SDN Troubleshooting: UDP Communication failures and changing the Network Controller Certificate

With this blog post, I wanted to highlight a couple of issues that we have encountered recently with Software Defined Networking (SDN) customer deployments in Windows Server 2016. Issue #1: UDP communication isn’t working when outbound NAT is configured Customer had configured outbound NAT access for his virtual network through SCVMM (this internally uses SDN… Read more

Understanding IPv6, 3rd Edition has been published!

I recently heard from Joe Davies that the 3rd edition of his Understanding IPv6 book is available!     This edition builds on the treasure trove of information found in Understanding IPv6, 2nd Edition, which included updates for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Understanding IPv6, 3rd Edition also adds details for Windows 8, Windows… Read more

New Networking-related KB articles since May 8

I’d like to apologize for not having any new KB articles to post for the past several weeks; some changes have been going on with the tools I use to find this information. Here are the most recent networking-related KB articles since my last entry on May 13th. I apologize in advance for any duplicates:… Read more

New Networking-related KB articles for the weeks of December 13 – December 19 and December 20 – December 26

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Here are the latest networking-related Knowledge Base articles published in the past 2 weeks: 961186  NDIS 5.x USB network adapters do not appear in Performance Monitor 961256  The DNS PTR record might be deleted if you change the DNS server order on a Windows 2003 machine 977172 … Read more

New Networking-related KB articles for October 14 – October 20

956803  MS08-066: Vulnerability in the Microsoft Ancillary Function driver could allow elevation of privilege 957095  MS08-063: Vulnerability in SMB could allow remote code execution 955427  Copy process is very slow when you copy large files from one computer to another computer in a high-bandwidth network environment if both computers are running either Windows Vista or… Read more