Turkey Day Mailbag

Hello Networking Enthusiasts – Tomorrow, the US will celebrate Thanksgiving and since we’re so close to a holiday we decided to keep this week’s blog fairly simple and answer some common questions and information we’ve seen over the last few months. If you have follow-up questions you’d like answered (or more details on what’s below),… Read more

Managing Windows containers with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.11

Who is the new guy blogging? Before getting into the topic, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mike Kostersitz, I am Principal Program Manager and just joined the core networking team in the Cloud and AI organization. I will be focusing on expanding the Windows container networking ecosystem, work with partners to bring… Read more

Windows Transport converges on two Congestion Providers: Cubic and LEDBAT

#LEDBAT @Win10Transports Why don’t we dive right  in?   What is a Congestion Provider and why do you (the reader) care? What is it? A Congestion Provider is an algorithm that controls the flow of data from a Windows computer to any other computer. Congestion Provider defined: Because Cubic is for humans and LEDBAT is for… Read more