The Evolution of RDMA in Windows: now extended to Hyper-V Guests

This post written by Don Stanwyck, Senior Program Manager, Windows Core Networking Remote DMA (RDMA) is an incredible technology that allows networked hosts to exchange information with virtually no CPU overhead and with extremely little latency in the end–system.  Microsoft has been shipping support for RDMA in Windows Server since Windows Server 2012 and in… Read more

Available to Windows 10 Insiders Today: Access to published container ports via “localhost”/

Until now, a lingering limitation on Windows 10 has prevented access to published ports for containers via “localhost” or (a.k.a. loopback). What this meant, was that if you had, say, a container running as an IIS Web server and exposing content through port 80 of your host machine, you wouldn’t be able to access… Read more