Ever wanted to quickly check to see if a server or group of servers were registered in WINS?

During the Windows 2000 beta, I worked with the WINS Development group to add the Verify Name Records option to the WINS server. In this post, I will give you a quick overview of how this works, so you can see how it will quickly answer questions in a time of name resolution trouble.

Below you will see that I opened the WINS manager and right-clicked on Active Registration to show the location of Verify Name Records in the UI.


Here is a view of the Verify Name Records dialog:


To further explain the Verify Name Records dialog, I have given a detailed description of each section below.

The Name records section in the dialog above :

File – Display the path to the names.txt file used for verifying a NetBIOS name in WINS. If no path appears here, click Browse to locate the file on a server drive.

List(case sensitive) – This provides a space to type in all caps the name of a record and the type of NetBIOS record by adding an asterisk and the type. For a test example, type in the list box MICROSOFT *20 and click Add. It will display in the list as MICROSOFT[20]

The Servers section in the dialog above :

File – Displays the path to the servers.txt file that lists the IP addresses of the WINS server to be checked.

List – This field is for adding the IP addresses of the WINS server(s) that you wanted to be checked during the verify.

The check box for "Verify name records with all partners of each selected server" is to determine if you want the verify operation to check the replication partners of each WINS server in the list or server.txt file.


Querying WINS for the name BASE2003SP2*20 (BASE2003SP2[20h]) and HYPERV*1b (HYPERV[1Bh]) on the WINS server with the address of

Here is the output of the verify operation:


– Wayne Melvin