Windows Server 2008 Launch!

HEROES happen {here}

The day is finally here!  Windows Server 2008, along with SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008, is launching!  Check out our main corporate page at for information, or go direct to the HEROES happen {here} page:

Heroes Happen Here

Here’s a link straight to the Windows Server 2008 launch page:

Windows Server 2008

Heroes Happen Here :: Products :: Windows Server 2008

Launch events

Attend a launch event near you and you’ll leave with a promotional kit with versions of all three of the products!  At the time of this writing, the first two launch events (today in L.A. and March 4th in New York) are sold out.  You can register to attend other launch events, however, here:

Test Drives and Videos

Some great scenarios may be found here, showcasing the latest technologies new in Windows Server 2008.  Interesting to me in particular are the demos for Enabling a Remote Workforce (which involves the use of TS Gateway) and Protecting a critical server from Malware (which takes advantage of NAP and other cool new features):

Heroes Happen Here :: Test Drive


Mike Platts