Common errors encountered while configuring NLB on Longhorn

When the NLB role is installed on Lornhorn server nodes, you will notice that the “Network Load Balancing” component is added to the bindings on the nic but unchecked. This component will become checked when the cluster is created (local) or when this host
is added to a existing cluster via the NLB manager.

If you try to manually check this component, you will receive the following error message when you open the NLB manager console:

“Running NLB Manager on a system with all networks bound to NLB might not work as
expected. If all interfaces are set to run NLB in “unicast” mode, NLB manager will
fail to connect to hosts.”

If you have manually checked this component on a node and try to add this host/node
to the NLB cluster from another node, you will receive the following error:

“The specified host is already part of this cluster”

So the first rule in troubleshooting is to NOT check this component in the binding
of the nic, but let the NLB manager do this when the host is added.

– Joey Wray and Mike Platts