Outlook anywhere (RPC over HTTPS) access to Exchange 2010 server via TMG 2010 fails after some time

In this blog post, I’ll be discussing an Exchange 2010 publishing on TMG 2010 issue. The problem was that after sometime Outlook clients were failing to access to Exchange 2010 server via RPC over HTTPS.


There may be many different reasons for Exchange publishing problems, but in this case everything seemed green in the “Test Rule” output that we ran on TMG server. So from TMG server perspective everything seemed good. The output I mention is similar to below one:


Note: This is taken from excellent tutorial written by Richard Hicks



So we decided to collect TMG data packager to better understand what was going on while the problem occurred. In the TMG data packager output we realized that some of the incoming TCP connections were being dropped by TMG server with the error QUOTA EXCEEDED.

Indeed, we saw that  TMG server didn’t respond to some TCP SYNs and the reason was that the flood mitigation mechanism was triggered:



Normally a remote Outlook client will establish more than one TCP connection but it shouldn’t trigger flood mitigation under normal circumstances. Something in the above screen shot might have drawn your attention:


All incoming TCP connections come from the same source IP address:

Actually that was the key point in understanding the root cause of the problem. As per customer’s network setup, the router running in front of the TMG server (by the way, TMG server was running on a single NIC in the DMZ network) was NATting source IP address of all external systems and that was why we saw that all incoming connections were coming from the same IP address. After turning flood mitigation off on TMG server, the issue was resolved (The customer increased the limits later on but in general it looks like it doesn’t make much sense using flood mitigation since all legitimate traffic is received from the same IP address which is I also would like to thank to Franck who helped me a lot while dealing with this issue.


Hope this helps






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