Web client does not use stored credentials when using Basic Authentication


if you wondered why you always get a Credential Prompt when connecting to a SharePoint Site using Basic Authentication, here is the explanation why.

consider the following scenario:


On a Windows 7 Client you map a Network Drive to a SharePoint site using the assistant:


 you will get the first credential Prompt after click on [Finish], which is expected.

even though you checked [Remember my Credentials], you will get prompted again for Credentials after you logged of from

your Computer or you restarted your computer and accessing the already mapped drive to this SharePoint Site.


This is by design !!

Because Basic Authentication is the least secure way to authenticate in the World wide web, this is a security Feature

In one of the next Windows Versions, Basic Authentication will be depreciated and not available anymore.


It is better to choose one of the following methods:

- ADFS 2.0


- Certificate Based

- Windows Integrated







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