Offline Shares change to Offline preventing Users to change/save open document from non Offline Shares without any Warning


Hi, Jonny here and I am going to talk about the Transition to slow Link and why this is done seamless without any pop up Warning

When you have still open Documents from not offline available shares. The quick answer is, this is by design. If you wonder why, please keep on reading

I will explain it.

Consider the following Scenario:

You map a share and in this share you have Directory’s as follows:

Directory 1; 2; 4; 5 are not offline available

Directory 3 is offline available

You are connecting to the CorpNet via UMTS and VPN. While connected to the CorpNet you open a File which is located in

DIR 1 and you make changes to the File. While working with the File, the slow Link Detection considers the Link as ready to

Change to offline Mode due to low latency.

What happens now is, the DIR3 is accessible while the other DIR's are not available anymore. When you want to save the Changes to your open file

and get the following Pop ups:


You have the possibility to save the File Local.

Why is that, because when I decide for myself to work Offline by clicking [Work Offline] in the Windows Explorer, I will get a Warning like:

The Reason for this behavior is as follows:

Slow Link Mode is an Offline Files Feature and the transition to offline Mode due to slow Link is done by the Service account. The mechanism does not check if there are files open

From Directory’s which are not offline available because when the transition to slow Link mode is done, we expect the share which is registered in the cache with \\Server\Share\Jonny\

and only DIR3_offline_available is pinned to be offline available and the File was opened from the Cache and not directly from the Share.


But why do you get a Prompt when clicking on [Work Offline]?


By clicking on [Work Offline] you force the Share to be offline manually with the User which is logged on. The Windows Explorer checks for open Files and will prompt you to make a choice!

The Slow Link Mode mechanism is not used in this case.

I hope this sheds some Light into this subject.




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