Arguments against disabling IPv6

Hello! Dorian again with a blog article regarding IPv6. The main background of writing this blog post is that until now best practice says “If you aren’t using it, disable it!” or our customers see lots of talk on message boards saying “Your Internet is slow? Disable IPv6! That’ll fix it!” and they develop the wrong idea…


Slow Link Detection for Offline Files in Windows Vista SP2 & Windows 7

How is it measured?   Offline Files measures the speed of a link based on the packet latency between the client and the target server. This is reported by the network driver and TCP stack and is then used to compute the throughput to the server for comparison with the configured throughput and/or latency policy…


Which minimum Share & NTFS permissions do you need for the use of Offline Files and Folder Redirection in Windows 2008 / 2008 R2

In Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2, as an administrator, you can share Folders which can be mapped as Network Drives on a Windows Vista or a Windows 7 Client. Also you can customize desktops by using Folder Redirection. Those mapped Drives you can make available offline by using the Offline Files…


TCP/IP Stack hardening in Operating Systems starting with Windows Vista

In Windows Server 2003 you could change the following TCP/IP parameters to harden the Stack against Syn Attacks. This protection has been accomplished by the TCP/IP stack in the following way by dropping new connection requests when the threshold values are met, regardless of how much system memory or CPU power available to the system….


DNSSEC Enabled Root Hints and the impact on us

I need to blog about this because there is a lot of misunderstanding about the Impact of DNSSEC on the Root hints. People might be concerned after reading articles such as the one below, that seem to sensationalize the situation: Warning: Why your Internet might fail on May 5,,warning-why-your-internet-might-fail-on-may-5.aspx Facts: DNSSEC will be fully…


How to schedule Synchronizations in Windows 7

Hi, After the introductory article to offline files synchronization, i will present now a step-by-step procedure to schedule a synchronization.   – In the Synchronization Manager, right click on Offline Files and select “Schedule for Offline Files”: – Select the offline files to synchronize: – Select “when an event occurs”: – Choose options that applies:…


How the synchronization in Windows 7 Offline Files works

Hello, In this article i will present the way offline files synchronize and focus on Windows 7 enhancements. To understand synchronization we have to understand the concepts of “auto-caching” and “sparsely-cached” files: – Auto-cached files are those files that are cached automatically when opened on a server configured to support “automatic caching”. Initially, only those…



First of all i want to thank you for visiting our blog. I was really surprised to see the view statistics of the site how many people read our articles. We have reached >400 unique visitors. Not bad for a startup blog, aimed at the local it community. The original idea behind the blog was…


Autentificarea prin 802.1X nu functioneaza daca parola contului de computer expira cand computerul nu este conectat la retea

Salut In acest post voi aborda o problema de care s-ar putea sa va loviti intr-un mediu corporate. In majoritatea companiilor accesul la retea, fie el wired sau wireless, presupune autentificare prin 802.1X. Sa consideram urmatorul scenariu: Pentru accesul la retea wired sau wireless se foloseste PEAP-MS-CHAP-v2 ca metoda de autentificare iar modul autentificarii este…


Suportul pentru DLC in Windows Server

Salut, am sa abordez astazi o tema recent intalnita despre protocolul Data Link Control (DLC). Este un protocol mai vechi, dezvoltat pentru comunicarea sistemelor de operare cu IBM mainframe-uri si unele printere  conectate direct la retea. Protocolul respectiv era folosit in special pana la inclusiv Windows 2000. Recent mi-am pus intrebarea asupra utilizarii acestuia intr-o…