Windows Phone 7 Connectivity Issues and Smart Potato

Smart Potato is an application that allows you to access and manage your Media Center recordings and stream recorded TV. But when I first attempted to test this out on my phone, it complained that it could not reach the server. Detailed below is how I used Network Monitor to troubleshoot this issue. My Setup…


New Videos for Advanced Filtering and 3.4 UI Features

You folks have been asking for updated videos about filtering and now I’ve made two more available. These include information about filtering with properties to understand how to access TCP and SMB values that don’t appear directly on the wire. We talk about operands and how to filter out traffic you don’t want to see….


Reassembly Made Easier

By using our latest 3.4.2455 release of the parsers and using a simple filter, you can now view reassembled traffic more easily for certain protocols. Normally when you reassemble a trace you see all the original frames plus the newly inserted reassembled frames. Using a filter with a brand new property, you can now see…


Reducing Dropped Frames with Network Monitor 3.4

  by Darren J. Fisher – Network Monitor Development Lead Capturing network traffic is actually a very stressful task for most computers. With modern networks, traffic can arrive to a system at astounding rates. Most machines built these days have at least 1 Gbps network interfaces. When connected to a network of equal or faster…


Measuring Response Times

It’s often useful to understand how long it takes for a request to get responded to. This helps you gauge how well a client or server is keeping up. This type of measurement can also be done at different layers; however there are some tricks you’ll have to learn. FrameVariable.TimeDelta In order to filter on…


Network Monitor Fields and Properties

Collected here are a list of the most common data fields and properties.  They are categorized by protocol.  This list is helpful for getting an idea of the most common data fields and properties with descriptions of what they do.  The list will continue to grow as we add new propreties, indetify helpful data fields, and…


Top Users Expert for Network Monitor 3.3

One of the major new features in Network Monitor 3.3 is the ability to run experts directly from the UI. And now NMTopUsers is available from our Experts Portal.  Plus as it’s a CodePlex project, we have opened the source code as well. It’s a fairly simple C# project which uses the NMAPI to access…



We can categorize traffic into two general types; directed and broadcast traffic. In the most general sense, a broadcast is sent to anybody that wants to listen. What I’d like to talk about is how broadcasts work and what they are used for. How broadcasts work In general a broadcast is a special address. Different…


NM3 TV – Video Help for using NM3

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video must be worth, …30fps * 1000 * …uh…ok…, like a whole lot. So this blog is going to be devoted to providing short help videos to help understand how to use the features of NM3. My original intention was to provide a cool Silverlight…


Reassembly with NM3

Ever wonder how a network works? Maybe it just seemed so easy, and in your mind sending a file was just putting each byte on the wire to the receiving machine. That’s not too far from the truth but you’d be very selfish to think that the network was there for your bidding only. Since…