Network Monitor 3.4 has Released!

I’m proud to announce the release of Network Monitor 3.4 to the Microsoft Download center. We’ve included a bunch of new exciting features and updates. A new high performance capturing feature allows you to capture on faster networks without dropping frames. Parser profiles provide a simple way to increase filtering/parsing speed and allow you to…


Network Monitor 3.4 Beta Released on Connect!

We are extremely excited to announce that the Network Monitor 3.4 Beta has released on Connect. If you haven’t done so already, please sign-up (for free) and help us test the new version while exploring it. There are some great new features, UI enhancements, performance updates, and new APIs. Let’s take a quick gander and…


Windows 7 and ISA Remote Windows Sockets Parsers Available

If you don’t already know, we have been updating the our parsers for Network Monitor on every month. Most recently we have updated the Windows parser set to support Windows 7 protocol updates. In the June parser release on CodePlex we have support for Remote Windows Sockets (RWS) protocol, which is used to proxy…


Top Users Expert for Network Monitor 3.3

One of the major new features in Network Monitor 3.3 is the ability to run experts directly from the UI. And now NMTopUsers is available from our Experts Portal.  Plus as it’s a CodePlex project, we have opened the source code as well. It’s a fairly simple C# project which uses the NMAPI to access…


Network Monitor 3.3 has arrived!

Guest blog by Tawanda Sibanda, Lead Program Manager for Network Monitor Ladies and gentlemen … the Microsoft Network monitor team is excited to announce the release of Network Monitor 3.3. A record 7 months after version 3.2 this is our quickest release ever, but also one of our most functionality-rich. We have added some innovative…


Network Monitor 3.3 Beta Available on Connect

It’s time again for a new Beta version of Network Monitor. Using your feedback we’ve added some compelling new features! One in particular is the ability to launch experts from the UI. And what use would this be without something to launch? We’ll also be releasing some cool experts, like Top Users and Simple Search….


Network Monitor 3.2 has arrived!

I’m so excited about this release I had to commandeer Paul’s blog for the day and write about it. My name is Tawanda Sibanda and I am the lead program manager for Network Monitor. The team put a lot of effort into this version, adding many of the requests we heard from our customers, while…


NM3 TV – Video Help for using NM3

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video must be worth, …30fps * 1000 * …uh…ok…, like a whole lot. So this blog is going to be devoted to providing short help videos to help understand how to use the features of NM3. My original intention was to provide a cool Silverlight…


Network Monitor 3.2 Beta has released!!!

I’m excited to announce that the Network Monitor 3.2 Beta has released. There are some exiting new features listed below of which many I have already spoken about in this blog: One feature I didn’t mention is our new capture buffer to avoid dropping frames. After adding our drop frames counter, we found out…


SMB2 Parser for NM3.1

We have decided to release an SMB2 parser for Network Monitor 3.1 (released July 07) to hold people over untill the beta for Network Monitor 3.2 releases in early June. Where can I get the SMB2 parser? You can download SMB2.NPL parser, along with SPARSER.NPL, CER.NPL, FCCS.NPL, SCNA.NPL and SMB.NPL (all supporting parsers) on under…