Trouble Accessing Some Fields with API

With the Network Monitor API you can access any field by adding its path and then accessing the offset, size or value using one of the Field Value Functions like NmGetFiledOffsetAndSize or NmGetFieldValueString. But for certain paths this does not work properly. In this blog we’ll discuss how to work around this problem. Adding Fields…


Reassembling Packets with the Network Monitor API

Network traffic by nature is fragmented. Limits of various network packet sizes force protocols to chop up data into multiple frames. When you capture data or read it from a trace with the API (NMAPI) you see only the fragments by default. But as the engine is collecting packets, it can be configured to pass…


Top Users Expert for Network Monitor 3.3

One of the major new features in Network Monitor 3.3 is the ability to run experts directly from the UI. And now NMTopUsers is available from our Experts Portal.  Plus as it’s a CodePlex project, we have opened the source code as well. It’s a fairly simple C# project which uses the NMAPI to access…


Network Monitor 3.3 Beta Available on Connect

It’s time again for a new Beta version of Network Monitor. Using your feedback we’ve added some compelling new features! One in particular is the ability to launch experts from the UI. And what use would this be without something to launch? We’ll also be releasing some cool experts, like Top Users and Simple Search….


Using Columns and Properties

  You might have had an occasion to add a new column in Network Monitor 3.0. But the list of available choices might be quite daunting. What you may not know, however, is that the list is derived from properties in the NPL script that makes up each parser. This means you can add any…


Part 2: TCP Performance Expert and General Trouble Shooting

Performance issues are one of the more difficult problems to trouble shoot. Without a baseline, it’s often hard to determine if something is really slower. But TCP does contain some built-in behavioral patterns that can be used as a signal to tell you something may be wrong with your network. So the purpose of this…


Part 1: Poor Man’s Expert Using Excel – Top Users

One item we are evaluating for future versions of Network Monitor are experts. These are the tools that among other things, allow you to get a high level view of a problem. But using a simple new feature in the released version of NM3 will allow us to do some simple expert-like analysis. Cut and…


NPL – The Power Behind the Parsers

I always found it frustrating to use an application, only to find something didn’t work exactly like I expected it to.  And in the world of network sniffers, it seems that I always find a problem with a particular protocol or some output that I wish displayed a little differently.  With Network Monitor 3.0, you…