Open Source Freedom for Network Monitor Experts

We are excited to announce that we have moved 3 Network Monitor Expert projects and the Network Monitor SDK to the Outercurve Foundation. You can now contribute to:

  1. NMDecrypt – Decrypts SSL data, given the private key.
  2. NMTopUsers – Displays the top talkers on your network.
  3. NMTopProtocols – Displays protocol distribution.

Additionally we’ve moved the Network Monitor SDK which contains helper code for experts you create.

Why the Outercurve foundation?

The Outercurve Foundation, previously known as the CodePlex Foundation, defines and maintains a contribution framework and simple licensing terms. These projects will use the BSD license, a familiar open source license that many of you are comfortable with. The foundation allows you to contribute to these projects easily, after executing a simple DocuSign contract.

Get Involved

If you have some good ideas for improvement to our Network Monitor experts or ideas for new Experts, we’d love to have you join our project as a contributor. We’ve already heard from Bob Sledge of Beta-Signma Data Systems who has expressed interesting in making some useful updates to the NMTopUsers expert. He is now signed up through the Outercurve Foundation and is ready to help us out. To get involved you can contact us via the Outercurve page for our Network Monitor Experts Project. By contributing to these open source projects, we can improve and create tools to makes all of our lives easier and engage the power of the community and Open Source.

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  1. Paul E Long says:

    I just wanted to note that the NMTopProtocols expert doesn't not have an executable you can download yet. But there will be one shortly.



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