New Videos for Advanced Filtering and 3.4 UI Features

You folks have been asking for updated videos about filtering and now I’ve made two more available. These include information about filtering with properties to understand how to access TCP and SMB values that don’t appear directly on the wire. We talk about operands and how to filter out traffic you don’t want to see. We discuss subnet filtering and how to use the pair property to easily filter between source/destination ports and addresses. Additionally there’s another new video to discuss some new UI features in Network Monitor 3.4.

The new videos are:

I have also updated the Network Monitor Usage Video page as well as the original NM3 TV Blog. Hope you find these helpful and Enjoy!

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  1. Paul E Long says:

    In order to capture traffic on the laptop from the other machiens, the traffic has to make it to the laptop.  Additionally, the laptop has to be put in promosicous mode (P-mode in the adapater configuraiton).

    But one thing that makes this difficult is that routers will often stop your laptop from seeing any traffic that is not directed to it.  Some routers can be configured to SPAN or MIRROR ports, but you'll have to consult your router documentation to see if this is possible.

    BTW, our forums might be a better place to ask this type of question:…/netmon

  2. Jose says:


    I'm testing network monitor 3.4 and i don't know how to use it right. I have a modem-router adsl with ip and three computers connect to it with ip, and Now with a notebook with ip with network monitor installed on it i want checking if another computers download software with bittorrent, emule, megaupload, testserver, etc.

    I don't know how i can do this.

    Any one can help me?


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