Frame commenting is here!

Often when a trace is passed around for analysis, the people involved discuss the behavior observed in out-of-band channels, such as email, attached documents, etc. How primitive! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just “mark up” or “annotate” the trace with your comments and observations, so that they are stored with the data itself? Well, now with Network Monitor 3.3 (currently a beta) you can!


In the example shown here, I created a word document, pasted in some contents from the netmon trace and from MS-DFSRH, commented and highlighted it, and then pasted it back into a frame comment in netmon. Now I can store the whole mess in the netmon trace, where it will be handy for the next person. Note that frame number 688 has a “#” next to it in the summary view so that I can tell it’s got a commented associated. We even added a “Next Comment” and “Previous Comment” button.

But that’s not all….you can filter for just comments (.framevariable.CommentTitle) and you can access the comments from the NM33 API.


- Dave MacDonald

Group Program Manager, Protocol Engineering Team


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Very cool. This helps save all the work put in by someone who has spent hours analyzing a trace and transfer the knowledge to others.

    Awesome !  

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guest blog by Tawanda Sibanda, Lead Program Manager for Network Monitor Ladies and gentlemen … the Microsoft

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