How can we help?

Hi!  I’m the Group Program Manager for Microsoft’s Protocol Engineering Team. Our team includes those who bring you Netmon.

We are approaching our Beta of version 3.3. It’s the most exciting protocol analyzer on the planet, in my humble opinion. The team has listened to you and has turned around a quick release with some really compelling features, like auto-scroll, frame commenting, support for WWan capture (mobile broadband), more parsers, API improvements, support for expert plug-ins, and some polish. And, we’re developing parsers now in open source at  I’m really proud of our team and my hat is off to them.

But that’s not why I’m writing.

I’m writing to ask, “How can we help?”. If you are a Microsoft enterprise customer, what can we do to help you run your enterprise network more efficiently? What kind of diagnostics or network experts do you need? If you are a web developer, check out the Virtual Round Trip Analyzer developed by the MSN team here.  If you are a developer using our MSDN documentation to build software that interoperates with Microsoft products, how can we help you do that efficiently?

We know that times are tough, and we want you to know that your friends at Microsoft are here to help.  Write me and tell us how.

- Dave MacDonald

Group Program Manager, Microsoft Protocol Engineering Team

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The convenience of Netmon would be greatly enhanced if it could be run from a USB stick drive without needing installation on a system. I find myself wanting to analyze traffic when working on someone’s PC, and I hesitate to install Netmon (or anything else!) on their system.

  2. Paul E Long says:

    Questions like this are probably better served in our forums:…/threads

    In general you can search for the associated ports assuming these protocols are TCP/UDP based.  For instance, if you knew all traffic was suppose to use ports 80 and 445, you could use a filter like:

    tcp.Port!=88 && tcp.port!=445

    If you see any resulting frames, then you could verify that they are not the norm.  You can do a similar filter for UDP traffic. If this is not TCP based traffic, then we'd need more info about the traffic you are trying to identify.

    If you need more info, please follow up in the forums.



  3. Prithvi Urs. R says:

    This is a very grass level question but how do I install and use Netmon 3?

    I am working on X360 Compilance where one of the check requires me to verify if the title is using the appropriate protocols for Voice, video and text communication.

    Could you please help me in setting up Netmon 3.3.

    Would there be a any documents that could help me? I would request for baby steps as I have been trying for around 2 months and have not found any luck. I dont seem to understand where I am going wrong.

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