Network Monitor 3.1 Beta Has Released!

The NM3.1 Beta is available on and simmering with new features for you to test. I'll bet you can't wait to sniff wireless management traffic; for sure an exciting new feature. Not sure how to create a filter? Now this is much easier with our new right click, add to filter feature.

What's New in Network Monitor 3.1?

  • Wireless (802.11) capturing and monitor mode on Vista – With supported hardware, (Native WIFI), you can now trace wireless management packets. You can scan all channels or a subset of the ones your wireless NIC supports. You can also focus in on one specific channel. We now show the wireless metadata for normal wireless frames. This is really cool for t-shooting wireless problems. See signal strength and transfer speed as you walk around your house!
  • RAS tracing support on Vista – Now you can trace your RAS connections so you can see the traffic inside your VPN tunnel. Previously this was only available with XP.
  • Right click add to filter – Now there's an easier way to discover how to create filters. Right click in the frame details data element or a column field in the frame summary and select add to filter. What could be easier!
  • Microsoft Update enabled – Now you will be prompted when new updates exist. NM3.1 will occasionally check for a new version and notify you when one is available.
  • New look filter toolbar – We've changed the UI related to apply and remove filters. You can now apply a filter without having to UN-apply it first.
  • New reassembly engine – Our reassembly engine has been improved to handle a larger variety of protocol reassembly schemes.
  • New public parsers – These include ip1394, ipcp, ipv6cp, madcap, pppoE, soap, ssdp, winsrpl, as well as improvements in the previously shipped parsers.
  • Numerous Bug Fixes – We've taken your reported problems on the connect site and fixed many of the confirmed bugs.

How do I get NM3.1 Beta?

The beta will be available on You will need to sign in with your passport account, and if you haven't already, participate in the Network Monitor 3 project. Once you do this, you'll have access to the latest download. This will also give you access to our bug filing process and access to our news groups for getting support.

Our Release Cycle Strategy

It seemed only a few months back we released NM3.0. Oh wait; it was a few months back. One of the fundamental principles on our team is to release frequently. This allows us to provide quick updates for bug fixes as well as adding new features. If a feature doesn't make it in this build, you don't have to wait very long for the next beta. Now the one drawback is that we may not be able to cram in as many features for each release, but in the long run this will help us keep agile and provide the features that are most important today.


Comments (7)
  1. Thomas Lee says:

    So where’s the survey on Connect??

  2. Anonymous says:

    First off let me say that I am not a “SQL guy” nor am I an “IIS guy” .. I am primarily a platforms OS

  3. Paul E Long says:

    You’ll see the survey on the Network Monitor may page.  From the main page, select Network Monitor 3 under My Participation, and then you’ll see the survey towards the end of that page.



  4. Larry says:

    I may have missed it in the blogs, but can you monitor traffic on a pc between applications where nothing actually goes out on the physical adapter?

  5. Anders Rask says:

    There seems to be an issue witch might be related to network monitor 3.1:

    I myself have experienced System process on my Vista Business suddenly using 99% for hours and hours without anything happening. This behaviour started after i installed NM 3.1.

    When googling the subject (see link below) others reported too that this had happened on their Vista after they installed NM 3.1.

    I have now uninstalled NM 3.1 and so far i havent had Vista going 99 on me yet!

    Is this a known issue? I got a dump file i can send if anyone is interested in debugging if NM causes this.



  6. Paul E Long says:

    At this point we cannot capture traffic that doesn’t leave the machine.  This is because we attach to NDIS and NDIS never see’s the packets.

    We hope to in the future provide a way to capture higher in the stack to see this type of traffic.



  7. Paul E Long says:

    Anders, we’d appreciate it if you filled a bug with us from the site in the Network Monitor project.  You can upload a dump file there.

    What kind of NIC do you have installed in this machine?

    Do you see the hang when you are capturing, or is that not required?

    I have heard of some cases of this, but it may be due to the wireless driver.



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