Santa’s Bag was Full

The Elves are working furiously on the next version of Network Monitor 3.2. But it seems that NM3.2 won’t be under the tree for Christmas for this season. In a few more months, however, we will have a new Beta available for public consumption. And you can’t blame Santa, his bag already stuffed with Xboxes…


Understanding HTTP Flow with Netmon 3 – By Yuri Diogenes

1. Introduction One of the most common protocols that we need to deal with these days is the HTTP Protocol. This is not only a privilege of Internet users, there are a lot of Intranet users that also use this protocol for internal transactions. This post will show how to use Network Monitor 3 to…


NM3 One Click Capture Tool

Wish you could get a network capture from a computer with no capture software installed? Wish you could have a network traffic “flight recorder” on a USB key? Here’s your answer!” The motivation behind creating this tool was to provide an extremely simple way to get a trace from an end user. And the name…


New SSL Public Parser Available: How to deal with new parsers

You’ve made some changes to your parsers and want to keep things organized. With the release of SSL.NPL, which we will also talk about today, it makes sense to understand how to work with parsers when you want to update or modify them. So I’d like to go over some strategies for keeping out of…


Trouble Shooting Name Resolution with NM3

  Using the previous blog on “Intro to Name Resolution” we should have a basic idea of what is supposed to happen when a name needs to be resolved.  Now let’s discuss how you’d use Network Monitor to determine where the problem is when connecting to your network resource.  But let’s first list out some…


Intro to Name Resolution

  You sit down at your computer and attempt to connect to your network resource Du Jour (website/ server/application) and it just doesn’t want to work this morning. I’m sure this has happen to you more than a few times. And if you are a support or help desk professional, multiply that by a 10….


Network Monitor 3.1 Has Released!

The NM3.1 is now available on featuring wireless sniffing and an easier way to create filters using “Right Click Add To Filter”. Here is a list of features that are new to NM3.1. What’s New in Network Monitor 3.1? Wireless (802.11) capturing and monitor mode on Vista – With supported hardware, (Native WIFI), you…


Color Filtering Error Messages

  Color Filters in Network Monitor are a simple way to make frames stick out in a trace.  Dealing with large traces often makes it difficult to see important information.  The sea of data represented by network traffic becomes a difficult backdrop to catch errors that occur.  This blog will focus on creating color filters…


Wireless Capturing With Network Monitor 3.1

One of the exciting new features in NM3.1 is the ability to capture wireless network data and management packets on Vista. This new feature provides Network Monitor a useful tool for trouble shooting wireless problems. What do you mean, wireless Management packets? With the introduction of NDIS6, we now have the ability to query the…


Network Monitor 3.1 Beta Has Released!

The NM3.1 Beta is available on and simmering with new features for you to test. I’ll bet you can’t wait to sniff wireless management traffic; for sure an exciting new feature. Not sure how to create a filter? Now this is much easier with our new right click, add to filter feature. What’s New…