Message Analyzer has released!

Thought I should mention here that Message Analyzer has released.  Read the full story on our Message Analyzer blog.


Message Analyzer Beta 2 has Released!

Check out more information on the Message Analyzer release blog here.  Or go right straight to Connect and if you are registered you can download the beta. Enjoy!


Lex Thomas Talks about Troubleshooting with Network Monitor

Lex Thomas is a Principal Technical Account Manager for the US Premier Support Services Team at Microsoft. He also provides Network Monitor training for premier accounts where he teaches the basics of network troubleshooting. In this three part video, Lex uses Network Monitor to troubleshoot potential Office 365 connectivity issues. There’s a lot you can…


Microsoft Protocol Test Suites Available

We recently released a set of Microsoft Protocol Test Suites. OK it was a month ago, but we’ve been really busy…really! To access them you must have a Live ID and sign up. These Test Suites allow you to evaluate whether a protocol implementation meets certain interoperability requirements. They don’t cover every protocol requirement but…


NMTopProtocols Expert Released

Michael A. Hawker is the Program Manager for Network Monitor. His focus has been on the API, UI, and Experts as they have been developed through versions 3.3 and 3.4. You’ve seen a lot of updates lately on Experts with the move to the Outercurve Foundation, but we have a new expert for you too!…


NMTopUsers Expert: Community to the Rescue

We have some great new updates for the Top Users expert! But this time, I had nothing to do with it… Bob Sledge contacted me about extending and fixing the Top Users Expert. And so with these updates, we now have an improved Expert for Network Monitor. What’s New with Top Users The biggest update…


NMDecrypt Expert Updates – Version 2.3

When I first wrote about NMDecrypt Expert in this blog I mentioned some limitations. There have also been bugs reported since then. I decided I would fix some of these problems and address some of the limitations. My hope is to make this tool even more useful, but also to point out other ways community…


Open Source Freedom for Network Monitor Experts

We are excited to announce that we have moved 3 Network Monitor Expert projects and the Network Monitor SDK to the Outercurve Foundation. You can now contribute to: NMDecrypt – Decrypts SSL data, given the private key. NMTopUsers – Displays the top talkers on your network. NMTopProtocols – Displays protocol distribution. Additionally we’ve moved the…


Windows Phone 7 Connectivity Issues and Smart Potato

Smart Potato is an application that allows you to access and manage your Media Center recordings and stream recorded TV. But when I first attempted to test this out on my phone, it complained that it could not reach the server. Detailed below is how I used Network Monitor to troubleshoot this issue. My Setup…