Windows Azure Pack: Renaming VM Computer Names with a Service Management Automation Runbook

 Update Sunday August 16th 2015 – URL in script has changed. I have updated the script here leaving the legacy URL in place but commented out. Windows Azure Pack and Service Management Automation are on fire. Having spent a little bit of time working with WAP, one of the first items that I found needing…

MMS2013 Session Now on Channel 9 – Patching a Hyper-V Cluster with Orchestrator / Configuration Manager – Including Downloadable Runbook Exports!!!

Good day all – if you were able to attend MMS2013 hope you had a great time, if not, no worries you are in luck. All MMS2013 sessions should now be available on Channel 9. Check out my session ‘Complex Maintenance Using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and Orchestrator: Patching a Cluster’ – ….


System Center 2012 Configuration Manager: Determine Reboot Pending State Using WMI / PowerShell / Orchestrator Runbook

While recently working on a Runbook solution for patching Windows Failover Clusters, I ran into the need of detecting if the Software Update installation process had placed the target system into a reboot pending state. After doing some research, I found many ‘loose’ methods for reboot detection, however nothing concrete. That is, until I happened…


Configuration Manager SP1 PowerShell in Orchestrator Part 2: The Rest of the Story

Well I thought I was Mr. Smarty Pants and had the whole ‘running 2012 Configuration Manager cmdlets from an Orchestrator Run .Net Script activity’ figured out (as documented in this post). As it turns out, there is bit more to the story. Everything documented in the initial post is valid, however as I found out…


Running 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 PowerShell cmdlets from an Orchestrator Run .NET Script activity.

Good day all – Quick blog here.  With the recent release of 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 and the new Configuration Manager PowerShell cmdlets, the stage has been set for over the top Configuration Manager automation. This week I jumped on my first project involving the Configuration Manager PowerShell cmdlets and Orchestrator (Run .NET Script). All is…