Building Intelligent Delay Within Orchestrator Runbook Solutions: Activity Looping

Often times when automating a multi-step process, there is a need to build into this automation a certain amount of delay. For instance, if I have rebooted an application server, we not only need to wait for the OS to come back online, but also the application host services to come back online before adding the…

MMS2013 Session Now on Channel 9 – Patching a Hyper-V Cluster with Orchestrator / Configuration Manager – Including Downloadable Runbook Exports!!!

Good day all – if you were able to attend MMS2013 hope you had a great time, if not, no worries you are in luck. All MMS2013 sessions should now be available on Channel 9. Check out my session ‘Complex Maintenance Using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and Orchestrator: Patching a Cluster’ – ….