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For those that didn't know, I am a huge consumer of information, however I am also quite selective about what I read – the most important thing usually for me is who wrote the material, rather than the topic.  This may sound an unusual way to choose your reading matter, but I find that it works for me.

In that regard I have been reading Tony Redmond’s stuff for a considerable amount of time, I remember reading Tony Redmond’s Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 book on the 10 hour flight to Redmond on my way to attempt my very first MCM/Ranger rotation… I became quickly aware that this was potentially not the best way to prepare for such an ordeal during the first day, however I still found myself referring back to his book for confirmation of concepts since it was clearly written and concise, if not in quite enough detail for my needs at the time - it certainly helped me remain on track and was fairly well fingered by the time I returned a few weeks later!.  This process helped me realise a couple of things, firstly having a solid grasp of the basics before attempting detailed understanding is to be highly recommended, and secondly being able to write clearly and concisely is a skill that many technical experts lack.

Since April 2010 Tony has been blogging to his “Thoughts of an idle mind” blog, which I have enjoyed reading, both due to the way it was written and the insightful viewpoint that Tony often expressed.  In fact I have taken to recommending Tony’s blog to new starters within my team.

A few days ago I noticed that Tony has moved his blog over to as “Exchange Unwashed”, I hope that Tony continues to write in the same manner and about topics that he has done previously on his own blog.

Neil Johnson []
Senior Consultant, Microsoft Consulting Services, UK

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