Office 365 Service Descriptions Released!

So.. with all of the launch fuss I failed to notice that the service descriptions for Office 365 had also been released as non-beta for the first time!  When I am working with new customers and they want to know “what” Office 365 is in more detail than the shiny marketing slides can explain, I generally point them at the service descriptions – they contain enough information (at a high level) to determine if Office 365 is right for you and your company… in my opinion these documents are a must read for anyone and everyone considering Office 365… avoid the marketing and competitive FUD with Google and arm yourself with the real information you need… Winking smile

Neil Johnson []
Senior Consultant, Microsoft Consulting Services, UK

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  1. Nuno Mota says:

    Hi Neil,

    In the company that I work for at the moment, we are going to trial Office 365 really soon so we have been involved with Microsoft on this.

    A couple of weeks ago, I went through all the service description documents and found some limitations regarding Office 365… Most are completely normal and understandable. However, some might pose a significant loss of functionality for some companies.…/office-365-limitations.html

    I think this is a great solution for many, many companies. However, and like you said, people have to read these documents carefully and evaluate if Office 365 is for them or not.

    For us, we will soon see   🙂

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