I recently realized that I spend a lot of time writing about things that I know only a little about (like politics) and very little time writing about the things that I do know something about.  This blog is an attempt to balance that, and to let my geeky side play.

I have been at Microsoft for a decade supporting customers in a variety of roles.  I am currently an escalation engineer with the PSS Security Support Team.  I was previously on various incarnations of the networking team and on a team that was called Solutions Integration Engineering.

My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, bought in 1982.  I had the high-end version, with 64KB of RAM...which was considered extravagant.  (Particularly since the machine could only access 48KB & you had to do some page-swapping magic to access the other 16KB for anything...)

The first time I connected to the Internet was via a 300bps acoustically coupled modem in 1986 via Telnet.  I thought that was about as fast as I'd ever need, since I couldn't read much faster than 300bps anyway.

I first saw the WWW in 1992 through Lynx running under VMS.  I remember saying “C'mon, George...this will never replace Gopher.”

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