CAS Static ports and what to LB

from On the CAS servers, for Mailbox connections, you need to use add a DWORD registry key named “TCP/IP Port” under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeRpc\ParametersSystemSet the value to the port number to be assigned. In this article we use port 55000, but you are free to choose whatever port you want to use, just remember it should…

Outlook 2003: E-mail messages take a long time to send and receive when you use an Exchange 2010 mailbox

This problem occurs because Exchange Server 2010 does not issue UDP notifications to Outlook 2003. Therefore, Outlook 2003 cannot register to receive UDP notifications from Exchange Server 2010. Additionally, Outlook 2003 is not notified about changes that are made to a folder until Outlook 2003 polls the server for these changes. The default polling interval…

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  Run on PS: GCM exsetup | %{$_.Fileversioninfo} then follow Posted by Nawar Aljanabi

Exchange 2010 SP1 news

What happened to –ConfigurationOnly?

In many of the disaster recovery scenarios in Exchange 2007, one of the most useful cmdlets is the “Move-mailbox” with the “ConfigurationOnly” parameter. With the “ConfigurationOnly” parameter the mailbox content is not physically moved but instead mailbox configurations gets changed “mailbox location”, for example we could direct the mailbox(s) to a functioning server and create…


DAG witness on non exchange server

  If the witness server you specify isn’t an Exchange 2010 server, you must add the “Exchange Trusted Subsystem” universal security group to the “local Administrators” group on the witness server. These security permissions are necessary to ensure that Exchange can create a directory and share on the witness server as needed. If the proper…


"Warning: Failed to cleanup the source mailbox after the move"

In Exchange 2010 when a source mailbox is moved from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 using the Mailbox Replication Service there is a potential issue can arise that source mailbox is not removed at the end of the move. All of the content in the mailbox is moved from the source Exchange 2003 mailbox to…


  Very interesting SCR blog from the exchange team and make sure to watch maximized.I have asked Scott for a list of commands used and here is the link “thanks Scott”