Forcing synchronization with Azure AD Connect 1.1 (AAD Connect 1.1)

With AAD Connect 1.1, Microsoft no longer have a Windows scheduled task running every 3 hours. The tool now has a built-in scheduler, performing a delta sync every 30 minutes.    To check the scheduler's current configuration:   Start Windows PowerShell on the server running the AAD connect 1.1 and type   Import-Module ADSync  followed…


Important notice about certificate expiration for Exchange 2013 Hybrid customers

If you’re running Exchange 2013 and you’ve configured a hybrid deployment with Office 365, this post contains important information that might impact you. Please evaluate this information and take any necessary action before April 15, 2016.


Azure AD Connect 1.1 is now GA

With this new release, we now support sync directory data every 30 minutes With this release, in the ‘customize’ path of the Azure AD Connect install, you will now have the option to select domains and OUs which should be synchronized. Azure AD Connect configurations that use ‘Express Settings’, will be capable of being auto-updated…


PowerShell for Office 365

its been a while , a nice site not to miss 🙂


Support for Exchange 2013 on Azure IaaS

Deployment of Exchange 2013 on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers is supported if all supportability requirements are met. In the case of providers who are provisioning virtual machines, these requirements include ensuring that the hypervisor being used for Exchange virtual machines is fully supported, and that the infrastructure to be utilized by Exchange meets the performance requirements…


Clean-mailboxdatabase and Exchange 2013

Clean-MailboxDatabase command has  been decommissioned for Exchange 2013 and replaced with Update-StoreMailboxState Update-StoreMailboxState require the GUID of a mailbox to execute so it usually easier to run in combination with Get-MailboxStatistics like the example below Get-MailboxStatistics -Database MDB02 | ForEach { Update-StoreMailboxState -Database $_.Database -Identity $_.MailboxGuid -Confirm:$false } Use the Update-StoreMailboxState cmdlet to synchronize the…


Backup and Restore Instructions for the DirSync Database

The Windows Azure Active Directory Sync tool (DirSync) is used to provision user accounts from Windows Active Directory on-premises to Azure Active Directory in the cloud. DirSync will synchronize changes to user accounts made on-premises to the cloud so that cloud users have access to directory information and can sign-in. This document describes how to…


Issues with Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 6 (CU6)

Exchange 2013 CU6 databases unexpectedly fail over in a co-existence environment with Exchange 2007: This is an issue that has come up after the release of Exchange 2013 CU6. The details of this issue are available in KB:2997209 – “Exchange Server 2013 databases unexpectedly fail over in a co-existence environment with Exchange Server 2007” A…