Network Access Protection Deployment Guide is live!

Greetings NAP fans! The Network Access Protection Deployment Guide, authored by our very own technical writer and NAP Forum hero Greg Lindsay, is now live!   The NAP Deployment Guide provides detailed guidance for deploying a specific NAP design that has been determined through your use of the Network Access Protection Design Guide. The NAP Deployment…


Network Access Protection Design Guide is live!

Hey NAP friends! The Network Access Protection Design Guide, authored by our very own technical writer and NAP Forum hero Greg Lindsay, is now live!   The NAP Design Guide explains the advantages, disadvantages, requirements, recommendations, and design considerations for deploying NAP for the IPsec, 802.1X, VPN, and DHCP enforcement methods. The NAP Design…


Network Access Protection (NAP) Deployment Planning

The following blog post has been extracted from the “Network Access Protection Deployment Planning Guide”, by Susie Bernard (March 2007).   Introduction Whether your organization is small, medium, or large, deploying an enterprise software solution like Network Access Protection (NAP) requires careful planning. Deploying NAP involves network infrastructure design evaluation, how clients connect to that network, and…


NAP featured on RunAs Radio (from TechEd Orlando)

Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes, the hosts of RunAs Radio, caught me on the show floor at TechEd Orlando. They were hot on the topic of NAP and spent 30 minutes with me discussing it. It is a great interview, take a listen and feel free to comment here!   NAP the WORLD in 2007, Jeff SigmanNAP Release…


NAP demystified (hopefully)

As I learned at Tech Ed 2007, Microsoft NAP still has two large misconceptions out in the world: 1.    NAP is solely based on DHCP technology – 100% FALSE 2.    Deploying NAP requires a complete “rip and replace” of your existing AD/Server infrastructure – 100% FALSE   I created the table below to demystify which options are available…


NAP Longhorn Beta 3 Webcast

I recorded an offline webcast on May 17th 2007 in order to show off NAP in Longhorn Server Beta 3. I also wanted to make sure I made up for my failed attempt two days earlier where I experienced technical difficulties with LiveMeeting.  This offline demo wasn’t without its own glitch! :-> 6 minutes 46…


Come and see a live webcast of NAP and Longhorn Server Beta 3

Hey all you Security / AD / Networking MVPs, you want an hour with me showing off NAP? Sure you do! I will be showing Longhorn Server Beta 3 / Vista / XP all working with NAP 802.1x wired enforcement; pretty cool stuff. I want to also open it up to non-MVPs as well. Any…


Updated NAP step-by-step guides for Longhorn Beta 3

Hi everyone! My name is Greg Lindsay, and I’m a technical writer on the Windows Server User Assistance team. I’ve been lucky to be assigned the task of writing about NAP, and just published 4 new step by step guides for Beta 3. I’ve enjoyed working on these, and would love to hear your feedback….


NAP Update for Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and Longhorn Server

I haven’t blogged in a while, so I wanted to give everyone a NAP “update”. First, Windows Vista is going to rock! We are so close to the end it is palpable. It has turned out really great and I am proud to say that I have worked on it. I personally have about 4-5…


NAP Common Question Series: How does NAP restrict endpoints? Does NAP == DHCP?

This is the first in a series of posts to address common questions about NAP. If you have a topic you would like to see addressed, feel free to post it to the comments section. We’ll collect these in the product team and do our best to answer them.   One common misconception about NAP…