What is NAP traffic?

Here is a question posed by a member of the NAP community: ·         What new traffic will there be on the network when I deploy NAP? A NAP deployment can have the following additional sets of network traffic: ·         Traffic between the NAP client and the NAP enforcement point. The nature of this traffic depends…


Network Access Protection Troubleshooting Guide is live!

Hey citizens of New NAP City! The Network Access Protection Troubleshooting Guide, authored by our very own technical writer and NAP Forum hero Greg Lindsay, is now live! This completes the product documentation set for NAP in Windows Server 2008. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd348515.aspx The NAP Troubleshooting Guide provides provides task-oriented information to help you identify and resolve…


The Cable Guy Troubleshooting NAP Enforcement

The Cable Guy, Mr. Joseph Davies, wrote a great article in the April issue of TechNet magazine – Troubleshooting NAP Enforcement. I just recently created a new tag on this blog to highlight the troubleshooting posts we’ve had so far. I hope to post many more as I continue to learn what can go wrong…


NAP FAQ: Logging baby, logging

A colleague of mine pointed out an AMAZING blog post on the Windows Server Customer Advisory Team (WinCAT) team blog – The Definitive Guide to NAP Logging. This is a kick butt troubleshooting post! Very useful when trying to track down what is wrong between NAP Client and Server. Much thanks Pete Rivera (the author),…


Debugging NAP Errors (part 1)

I’ve heard from a lot of folks who set up NAP in a lab who would love to have more information on all the great data that Network Policy Server (NPS) writes into the audit log. If you haven’t checked out our auditing, go to Server Manager and click on the main node for our…


NAP troubleshooting content on TechNet

Hi NAP bloggers!   I’ve been working on some NAP troubleshooting content lately that should interest you. The content is for a new type of event-based help that is integrated into Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. To access the content, just view any event in Event Viewer, and click the Event Log Online Help…


Updated NAP step-by-step guides for Longhorn Beta 3

Hi everyone! My name is Greg Lindsay, and I’m a technical writer on the Windows Server User Assistance team. I’ve been lucky to be assigned the task of writing about NAP, and just published 4 new step by step guides for Beta 3. I’ve enjoyed working on these, and would love to hear your feedback….