Network Access Protection Design Guide is live!

Hey NAP friends!

The Network Access Protection Design Guide, authored by our very own technical writer and NAP Forum hero Greg Lindsay, is now live!  

The NAP Design Guide explains the advantages, disadvantages, requirements, recommendations, and design considerations for deploying NAP for the IPsec, 802.1X, VPN, and DHCP enforcement methods.

The NAP Design Guide contains the following sections:

·         Understanding the NAP Design Process

·         Identifying Your NAP Deployment Goals

·         Mapping Your Deployment Goals to a NAP Design

·         Evaluating NAP Design Examples

·         Planning a NAP Deployment Strategy

·         Planning the Placement of a NAP Health Policy Server

·         Planning the Placement of a NAP Enforcement Server

·         Planning the Placement of a NAP CA Server

·         Planning the Placement of a NAP Remediation Server

·         Planning the Placement of a NAP Health Requirement Server

·         NAP Capacity Planning

·         Additional NAP Resources

·         Appendix A: NAP Requirements

·         Appendix B: Reviewing Key NAP Concepts

·         Appendix C: Documenting Your NAP Design

·         Appendix D: NAP-NAC Design

You can provide feedback on individual pages of the NAP Design Guide by clicking “Click to Rate and Give Feedback” just above the content pane.

Huge thanks to Greg for his authoring efforts over the last year and to many NAP product team reviewers for helping to ensure that the content is technically accurate and complete.



Joe Davies
Senior Program Manager

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