NAP rocks Developers Week @ TechEd 2008 Orlando!

Hey NAP bloggers; Jun Wang and Howard Lee here from the NAP engineering team! We just got back from having a great time down in Orlando, FL talking with our fellow developers about NAP. We contributed to two sessions during the TechEd Developers show:


“Ask the Expert” Session


This session was held at 9:00am on Friday 6/6/2008. The lounge was full of visitors during our session, which we were glad to see. We received valuable questions from visitors, ranging from software licensing, Linux/Mac interoperability, NAP-IPsec, to general questions about the NAP solution.


NAP Breakout Session


Our joint presentation on NAP including the NAP SDK went smoothly as planned. We thank those of you who have stayed for the last session (4:30pm) on Friday 6/6/2008, which happened to be the very last session of the Developers conference. Your enthusiasm about NAP was highly appreciated. In the future, moving our session to earlier in the week and earlier in the day should accommodate wider audience. We received valuable questions from the audience. One of the interesting questions was about NAP’s support on eXP (embedded XP) and Windows CE.






Presentation Slides


Here are our slides if you are interested!



There are a couple ways of engaging with the NAP team. First and foremost, we’d like to encourage you to use the NAP TechNet forum. This gives you access to the entire NAP engineering team. Here is a list of great resources, as well as the NAP Blog.


Thanks for helping us NAP THE WORLD!


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Howard (howlee at

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