NAP has a new face

No, not a picture of my head, as cool as that would be! :-> We finally have our own website (in addition to the TechNet content of course). It has a cool spinning graphic of some of our early NAP adopters from around the globe.

Check it out and post comments here if you have any suggestions. Today is a good day. GO NAP!

{Jeff Sigman}{Senior Program Manager & NAP Hero}{Enterprise Security Group}
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PS - sometimes I laugh at myself when I get pumped about stuff like this. :->

PPS - I haven't met any of the three people on our site. But you can tell from their faces that they have used NAP and think it is a great thing. Right!?!

Comments (2)

  1. JeffSigman says:

    Hey Keith. You’re right, you can see too much of the sever closet through those items.


  2. Keith Combs says:

    The navigation buttons on the left side seem too trasnparent to me.

    The top row of navigation seems to have some rendering issues as well.

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