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Hi NAP bloggers!


I’ve been working on some NAP troubleshooting content lately that should interest you. The content is for a new type of event-based help that is integrated into Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. To access the content, just view any event in Event Viewer, and click the Event Log Online Help link. You will be directed to troubleshooting information specific to the event. For NAP, I’ve been working on server-side troubleshooting for the Health Registration Authority (HRA) role service and client-side system health agent (SHA) and NAP events. There will be event-based troubleshooting content for all server roles and services, including those commonly used with NAP, such as NPS, 802.1X, remote access, DHCP, and others.


You don’t have to click an event to view the troubleshooting content. If you’d like to browse some troubleshooting information that is already available, check out Windows Server 2008 Troubleshooting. NAP and HRA content should be available soon as part of Network Policy and Access Services troubleshooting.


We hope this content will provide the break-fix information you need to resolve problems quickly. The content will also be integrated into Microsoft Operations Manager to provide status of the applications you are monitoring and resolution steps to any problems that are found.


Greg Lindsay

Technical Writer



Updated: 11/16/2007 - NAP content published; updated links - Jeff


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