NAP + Terminal Server Gateway

Ever heard of the new Windows Server 2008 feature called Terminal Server Gateway? Did you know they integrated with NAP? Oh yes, they did. A brief summary:


Terminal Services Gateway (TS Gateway) is a role service in the Terminal Services server role of Windows Server® 2008 that allows authorized remote users to connect to resources on an internal corporate or private network, from any Internet-connected device. The network resources can be terminal servers, terminal servers running RemoteApp programs, or computers with Remote Desktop enabled.

TS Gateway uses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) over HTTPS to establish a secure, encrypted connection between remote users on the Internet and the internal network resources on which their productivity applications run.


I also found a cool TS Gateway step by step guide to get it going in your lab (with NAP). We have step by step guides for other NAP enforcement types, if you haven’t already seen them.


Jeff Sigman
Senior Program Manager
Network Access Protection (NAP)

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