NAP FAQ: How much does NAP cost?

I get asked this in email all the time. I thought it was worth a quick post: 


NAP Servers:


The NAP Server pieces, which are required to do NAP, are included in Windows Server 2008. If you own Server 2008, you own the NAP Server. You need at least ONE Server 2008 computer to do Microsoft NAP.


NAP Clients:


The NAP Client is included, in-the-box, with Windows Vista. If you own Vista, you own the NAP Client. The NAP Client is shipping on XP within forthcoming XP Service Pack 3 release. This will be "free" to those who already own Windows XP.


Pretty simple!


NAP the WORLD in 2007,


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  1. Anonymous says:

    One correction on this post: It should be noted that you are also expected to own a "Client Access License" or CAL for each user or device. This isn’t specific to NAP, nor does NAP require any additional CALs. This is a standard requirement for Windows in general.

    – Jeff

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